Kurty K's DJ Service

An Experienced DJ Providing Quality Entertainment


Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is included for every wedding. This helps select special music and plan the events taking place the night of your reception. The planner is a good tool and guideline that most couples choose to use to help with logistics. It helps create a good "flow" for the evening and also gives Kurty K a feel for the music that you would like played.

About the Service

When you select Kurty K's DJ Service for your wedding reception you will receive the highest professional and personal service available. You will be able to contact your DJ, Kurty K directly via phone or email with any questions involving your wedding.  Each presentation includes a wide selection of music in many styles and is reinforced with state of the art sound equipment and lighting. You can’t go wrong with entertainment provided by Kurty K’s DJ Service.

Dinner Package

The dinner package includes music as guests arrive, dinner music, and the use of a wireless microphone.  It also includes a grand entrance introduction for the wedding party and any other announcements you may want made.  Another great benefit is that none of your guests will have to watch the DJ setup and we are ready to rock 'n' roll after the cake has been served.

Up-Lighting Package

In addition to the effects lighting that puts a curve on the dance, why not consider up-lighting?  These lights can be strategically placed to accentuate the head table or placed around the venue to add splendor to your color scheme.  The new technology of wireless up-lighting is a great way to bring a splash of color and create an evening of elegance.